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FARA Charity was founded by Jane Nicholson in 1991, in the UK and Romania. FARA means “without” in the Romanian language and FARA Charity does just that, we provide a family for those without.

Following the heart-rendering images on UK television, and reports of the terrible plight of children in Romania’s State orphanages after the fall of Ceausescu, Jane responded by organising a group of volunteers, transporting emergency aid from the UK.

She offered her nursing skills in three of Romania’s notorious institutions and witnessed first-hand the appalling conditions endured by severely traumatised and abandoned children and adults.

St Nicholas children’s home was FARA’s first home which opened in 1997 and which rehomed children from some of Romania’s state institutions. Jane has many stories to tell of children and young people healed by love and care at FARA.

Florin came to FARA aged 18 years from a state institution, having spent many years locked in a cupboard, he was beaten often and nearly became blind. He prayed: “Thank you God that love is greater than hatred. I thank you for making my life like the light.”

Jane is a member of the Carmelite Order in the Catholic Church and her faith is nurtured in the teachings of St Teresa of Avila who refounded the Order in 16th Century Spain. She wrote that: “It is not so much the greatness of our works as the love with which they are done.”

Jane’s inspiration in those early years remains at the heart of FARA. She continues to guide and share her vision today, travelling to Romania frequently. Jane was awarded the MBE for her humanitarian work throughout Romania in 2013.

FARA is a work of love and one that reaches out to the marginalised, the poor and the discriminated children and young people in Romania. Her vision is to build families and communities, to love and to serve them

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FARA Foundation is fundraising towards

Sponsor a Child

Give a child a hand up out of poverty into a brighter future FARA has helped over 200 children stay at school and gain the education needed to graduate to high school. Each child helped needs books, a schoolbag, sometimes shoes and a uniform. They need help with their homework ...

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Fara Hostels

FARA's Hostels offer life skills mentoring and short-term hostel accommodation to young people from institutions and broken homes. Over the last six years, we’ve helped around 130 young people aged 18 to 26 years, to access the training and work they need in order to ...

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Homes for life

We provide vulnerable or neglected children with a loving and supportive family style life, which they would otherwise never have. Many have been traumatised by their past experiences and most of them have psychological and behavioural problems. We have two purpose-built residential homes for children aged 2 – 18 ...

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